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Welcome to the Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB Formulary

This formulary was developed with primary and secondary care clinicians with the aim of harmonising and consolidating the existing local formularies used within the region.

Please note that while some chapters have been fully reviewed by clinical groups, others were drafted in collaboration with the Formulary Working Group and have been reviewed via a consultation exercise so may be subject to change when fully reviewed. See ‘news feed’ below for more information.

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News Feed

May 2024:

Endocrine chapter now live.

March 2024:

Respiratory chapter now live.

January 2024:

Gastro-intestinal chapter now live.

December 2023:

Cardiovascular chapter now live.

The Lancashire and South Cumbria Medicines Management Group has formed a Lancashire and South Cumbria Formulary Group (known as the ‘Formulary Group’) and is undertaking to combine the following legacy Lancashire formularies to produce a single Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB formulary:


The formulary development team can be contacted here: